Cupping therapy is a simple technique of using a glass bulb to create a strong suction on muscle and connective tissue. Cupping has many therapeutic uses, but we use it as an adjunct treatment for musculoskeletal issues, primarily of the back and shoulders.

You can think of it as fairly intense, deep tissue work. The glass cup pulls up at the underlying tissue and the strong grip causes local irritation to the tissue in the form of a “hickey mark.” This irritation helps to promote blood flow to the treated area and helps to break up knots and tension in the tissue.

The marks may look unsightly and make people think you have contracted something or been attacked by an alien or octopus, but they are temporary and fade out over the course of a week.

Overall cupping, in addition to acupuncture, can bring great relief for a variety of issues such as low back pain, shoulder/arm pain, upper back tension and much more. We can talk with you during your visit about potentially adding cupping to a treatment. (Note: there is no extra cost for cupping therapy.)