Covid-19 and Community Acupuncture

As we are opening up our schedule to allow for more appointment slots and make things as affordable as we can, let us highlight some specifics

The first 2 hours of a shift (except Saturdays) will be in the community room. These appointments are available in 15 minute blocks in the online scheduler and will basically allow for each chair in the community room to be used once during the shift. There are vinyl coverings on top of the recliners underneath the sheets that we can wipe down at the end of the shift. Cupping is available during these treatments, however, they will still be limited to right around 45 minutes.

The remaining appointments in a shift will be in the private rooms and they are slotted in 30 minute appointment blocks, lasting 45 minutes.

We know this difference can be confusing, but we are operating as best we can at this time to maintain treatment affordability and allow us to screen clients as they enter the building, maintain some distance between everyone.

The online scheduler will show two columns for each acupuncturist’s shift. The first will have time slots in 15 minute increments and this is the clue that those treatments are in the community room. The next column will show 30 minute blocks and that is the clue that they are in the private rooms.

Community room sliding scale is $20-$40 and the private room sliding scale is $30-$50. Both still have a new patient fee of $10 on the first visit. As we are limited in scheduling options now, missed appointments will be charged a no-show fee of the low end of the sliding scale. To avoid the no-show fee, you must cancel an appointment with at least 24 hours notice

As things change, we will change.

June 16, 2020 Acupuncture
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