Updates on the Clinic

So we are at an inflection point. Or a couple of them.

First off, our other acupuncturist Juliana is healthy and at home with her new baby. So we have had to update our schedule a bit. We are cutting back hours and re-focusing on more community room treatments. So you will find fewer private room treatment slots available on the scheduler. They are only available on Monday, Friday and Saturday early shifts. Also, beginning July 1st we will move them to the start of our shift instead of after the community hours. The private room visits will now be a flat $45 per treatment (there will still be a $10 new patient fee).

The other, obviously, is the changing circumstances around covid. It is true that many people have gotten vaccinated and a lot of businesses are relaxing restrictions around masks. We, however, are still requiring masks to be worn in the building. We are no longer doing temperature checks, but we will still do a quick verbal screening around symptoms.

We are not here to have a discussion about it. If you really can’t wear a mask while inside our business for about an hour, you will just need to find another place to get acupuncture services at.

There are a lot of clients who come to see us who are immunocompromised and/or vaccine sensitive and have chosen to not get the vaccine yet. We will continue to update this policy as we feel comfortable.

We appreciate your understanding here and can’t wait to see you back soon.

— LCA Staff

June 6, 2021 Acupuncture
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