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Welcome! OPEN for POKIN’

Hello Everyone.

We are back from the summer schedule, and we are making some changes to the general hour structure. Our morning shifts will now be 9am to 1pm (instead of our previous 10am to 2pm). Mike is moving from Fridays to Saturdays. Eric is picking up Saturdays and Margaret is going to move to a Wednesday morning shift.

Overall, our goal is still to provide the community with affordable acupuncture. Our sliding scale is $25-$50 for treatments in the community room and a flat fee of $65 during private room treatments. All new clients have a $10 new patient fee on the first visit.

We offer all acupuncture services on a sliding scale, you pick what you pay. Cupping therapy is available. Dry needling (upon request) is available. And we also utilize herbal therapies when appropriate.

We do have a no show/cancellation fee for appointments missed or not canceled with 24 hours notice. Spots are limited so we are pretty firm on this policy. (Obviously, if covid is the reason you have to cancel it’s ok.)