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Welcome! Spring Movement

Hello Everyone.

We are settling into what we hope is a new, long-term schedule. Unfortunately that means we will also no longer have Saturday hours. The fun of family life is pulling us to lots of activity on Saturdays and we don’t want to miss it.

But this hopefully provides an opportunity to grow in other ways. Mike will now have more opportunities to be here and he is looking forward to that prospect. Margaret’s normal hours will continue, though her split shift on Tuesday will now move back to a continuous shift from 11am-3pm. Mike will now be open a little earlier on Monday afternoons for a few private slots followed by community hours and then Mike will also take over the Wednesday afternoon schedule.

Overall, our goal is still to provide the community with affordable acupuncture. Our sliding scale is $25-$50 for treatments in the community room and a flat fee of $65 during private room treatments. All new clients have a $10 new patient fee on the first visit.

We offer all acupuncture services on a sliding scale, you pick what you pay. Cupping therapy is available. Dry needling (upon request) is available. And we also utilize herbal therapies when appropriate.

We do have a no show/cancellation fee for appointments missed or not canceled with 24 hours notice. Spots are limited so we are pretty firm on this policy. (Obviously, if covid is the reason you have to cancel it’s ok.)