The Sliding Scale

Step on to our sliding scale for a moment.

Simply put, a sliding scale fee structure lets you decide, within certain parameters, what you can afford to pay for treatment.  Take into account all the factors: your household income situation, recommended treatment plan, etc. and select what is appropriate for you. If situations change over time, you can change what you pay. The sliding scale is used because we all need a little flexibility.

Now to elaborate on this some….

If we could “fix” you in one treatment, let’s be honest, we’d probably charge thousands of dollars for it and be millionaires. But the reality is acupuncture can’t do that and we aren’t millionaires. And that’s ok. Most of us are not going to be millionaires. You have to use acupuncture with some frequency to observe effect or the potential for effect. Every acupuncturist is going to tell you this. They are going to recommend some number of acupuncture treatments. We are no different. We just want you to be able to afford that course of acupuncture to see if it can work for you. What is the point of something being an effective tool if you can’t use it enough to benefit from it properly?

Sliding Scale acupuncture does not mean sliding scale quality

Just because we are more affordable does it mean you are getting poor quality acupuncture. Quite the contrary, you actually get great acupuncture in a supportive environment and you get to use more acupuncture to help you achieve the improvement you are looking for. It can be kept rarefied and mystical to make it seem more important, but helpful things that you’d like to try but can’t afford are largely irrelevant.