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This past weekend Louisville Community Acupuncture had the amazing opportunity to support community on the airwaves.

ARTxFM is a community supported radio station that has been operating in an online capacity for a few years now and has just made the HUGE leap to the FM dial. If you’re not quite sure what community radio is, you can think of it like NPR but quite a bit more radical. Local community members volunteer their time and energy to hosting a weekly show ranging from the obvious category of music to programs about literature to anything a member of the community is willing to put the time and effort into putting on the air.

And it’s great. There’s Cajun, electronica, field recordings, country and western. Old stuff, new stuff, possibly extra-terrestrial stuff. It’s just not your normal station, and that’s the best part about it. Not simply the ever-revolving, but never-changing Top 40. Not just the same sampling of classic rock or R&B. You’ll get things that sound fresh to you even if they’re 80 years old.

Try it out. Just leave your radio preset to WXOX 97.1 FM for a long stretch and get used to it. It won’t be the same twice. Shows are mostly weekly, as opposed to daily. So your lunchtime on Tuesday will differ from lunchtime Friday. And that’s what’s great. You don’t get over-saturated on one type of thing and if something isn’t your cup of tea it’s ok it will be over in an hour or so.

And if you are into it, even just a little tiny smidge, please consider providing them some financial support. It all comes from community members and businesses. It’s hard being a radio station these days, particularly one that isn’t big and corporate.

So Louisville Community Acupuncture takes great pride in being a Founding Partner of WXOX, right here in Louisville, Kentucky!

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