5 Ways Acupuncture Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolution

The original purpose of a New Year’s resolution was to pay off your debts in the old year and reclaim the new year fresh. At the start of the 21st century 40% of Americans were doing something just like that, shedding the old and in with the new.

There are similarities over the years or might we say popular resolutions we strive to achieve. Today we will talk about a few and how acupuncture can help aid in successful new beginnings:

1)Target Weight
Yes, the gym this time of year is packed! A healthy lifestyle is key to losing weight and staying that way. Acupuncture is not a quick fix in dropping weight dramatically but it does help with increasing your metabolic function for energy and food absorption. That being said, there is one point in particular that counteracts food craving and is proven to be successful. In all once you have had continuous treatments, you can start to notice a sense of ease with going to the gym or a better choice of food options because you feel good about what you eat and motivated to exercise routinely.

2)Knowledge in Power
Would you like to improve yourself mentally and spiritually in the New Year? Acupuncture can help!! With a 30-40 hour week plus other daily chores how could you for example learn something new or feel motivated to join a group that excites you without feeling like you have no time or anxious about your time. Acupuncture points in certain areas are very stimulating, in fact most points on the head help with memory cognition, points on the wrist help with anxiety and points around the knee and feet help with low energy. Overall acupuncture can stimulate the immune system so that the extra activities you planned in the new year won’t leave you feeling so low.

3)Live Pain Free
Some resolutions tend to be all about moving the body whether it’s joining the gym or learning a new activity like dancing or just simply trying to walk around the neighborhood. The fight to stay with your resolution can be defeating if your body suffers from chronic pain ailments. Lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain, you name it. All of those mentioned can be a really pain in the neck, pun intended. Acupuncture is very successful with pain management especially chronic symptoms. Pain resides in the body and most of the time goes unnoticed until a certain movement leaves you feeling like you can’t move, acupuncture taps into the neurological level and helps pain receptors fight for restoration.

4)Quit Bad Habits
Smoking cigarettes, soft drinks consumption or caffeine overload are all bad habits that need to go in the new year. Yet giving these vices up is not an easy task. Anxiety, fatigue or overall edginess can you lead back in the same path or even worse. Ultimately these are cravings can be subsided naturally with the use of acupuncture. There are points that stimulate the nervous system that over all stop the urges. Though it doesn’t take just one treatment, your habits will eventually feel relief and you’re less likely to indulge.

5) Kick Stress to the Curb
Your response to stress is crucial to your health, if anything our number one resolution should be stress relief. Stress affects your energy, appetite and attitude. Why not target your biggest stressors and work not just this year but for years ahead. When your body is in stress mode, i.e. flight or fight we secrete stress hormones that take certain neural pathways and over a period of time are detrimental to your health like you heart, brain function and immune system. Everyday more and more acupuncture is proven to be successful in treating stress, whether it starts with a good nights rest, tight neck and shoulders, headaches, digestive issues due to stress or simply dealing with your PMS every month. As a result you deal with stress much easier, to be clear stress happens everyday, it is the person you can at the end of the day let your stress go and choose to relax and reset. Acupuncture is that reset button for you, allowing you to decompress and strengthen the response we have towards stress.

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