Great May Day, Great Article

We had our awesome May Day event on Friday, April 29th and saw 28 people come into the clinic to receive acupuncture. An overwhelming number of them were receiving acupuncture for the first time ever!

We love being able to have the May Day event, not just for what it stands for in relation to workers rights, but also its more long-standing use as a Spring-related holiday and for us a celebration of opening our clinic in 2014.

Our space has grown steadily over the past couple of years as we’ve used our tools like Facebook and Groupon and our own website to broadcast us digitally; but more importantly that growth has come from the great folks that walk through our door and share their experience with their friends and neighbors. And sometimes it’s not even a direct conversation: someone will be getting coffee and over hear someone else in line telling a friend about our clinic and that will perk up that stranger to remember to look us up when they get home.

So thank you to everyone that spreads the word and helped us see 28 people last Friday and if you need other takes on the clinic or just something to share, here is a delightful article about someone’s experience in our ever-bustling clinic space.

The business is admittedly socialist. It’s for everyone, working class and up, Travis explained, which is why Louisville Community Acupuncture has a sliding pay scale of $15 to $35 per visit. Unlike massages, you can stay as long as you want, and the sliding scale remains the same.”

Thank you again, everyone!

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